Experienced in a broad range of technologies.

Disputes + Transactions + Arbitrator

Ms. Martone’s current practice focuses on advising United States, European and Asian companies about patent infringement and patent licensing disputes, patent IPR proceedings, licensing, cross-border matters and corporate intellectual property strategies.

Ms. Martone works across a broad range of technologies, including medical devices, semiconductor manufacturing and devices, pollution control systems, data compression and data acceleration and storage and packaging for electronic storage media.

Ms. Martone is also an arbitrator on the National Panel of Arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association. She is available to arbitrate commercial disputes concerning intellectual property, including issues of patent infringement, patent validity and licensing disputes.


"Corporate sources are effusive in their praise of Patricia Martone: 'She is the most talented patent attorney we have ever worked with.'" 

- Who's Who Legal: Patents 2017 -




Ms. Martone acts as a “second pair of eyes” in litigation in the District Court’s and in IPR’s in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. She reviews major briefs, technical presentations and overall litigation strategy with her client and their trial counsel. Ms. Martone also advises clients considering litigation about their pre-litigation strategy and evaluation of their potential case.  Ms. Martone also represented clients in settlement negotiations and mediations.  As part of advising about overall corporate intellectual property strategy, she advises clients about procedures to follow to avoid infringing on the patent rights of third parties and evaluating and defending against claims of infringement made by third parties. Finally, Ms. Martone advises clients about global patent litigation strategy. 



Building on her extensive experience in licensing, Ms. Martone has assisted clients by drafting patent licenses and other intellectual property agreements and advising on the conduct and resolution of difficult issues in license negotiations and conformance of terms to New York State law.  In addition, Ms. Martone participated in the due diligence of a client’s purchase of a major portfolio of patents and participated directly in negotiations with the seller leading to closing the sale.

Service as an Arbitrator


Ms. Martone’s extensive trial experience led her to see the value to clients of alternate dispute resolution.  She has successfully represented clients in numerous mediations and encouraged clients to add ADR procedures to settlement and license agreements, so that if disputes arose her clients did not have to proceed immediately to another expensive litigation. This experience led Ms.Martone to become qualified as an arbitrator.

Ms. Martone is a member of the National Panel of Arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association and completed the training programs taught by the AAA. This includes:  AAA Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding and Writing Awards (ACE001), 2017 and Arbitration Fundamentals and Best Practices for New AAA Arbitrators, 2017.

Ms. Martone is available to arbitrate commercial disputes concerning intellectual property, including disputes about patent validity, infringement and the commercial terms of patent licenses and other intellectual property transactions.  Ms. Martone has extensive experience as an advocate in resolving commercial disputes about the terms of agreements related to intellectual property.